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Is your organization committed to seeing women entrepreneurs succeed?  We need your help to keep sharing unique and inspiring stories!

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Deep, Authentic Conversations
with Successful Women Entrepreneurs from Beyond the Corporate world.

Leaving to pursue your own venture isn’t easy.
Your journey to break free and pursue your passion can feel lonely, disheartening, and stressful. But you’re not alone. And you can be successful. 

These introspective women are here to make the transition a little easier.

“And So, She Left” shares stories of extraordinary women working to change the world.

Learn how they beat impossible odds, came to trust themselves, and ultimately found success doing what they love.

Hosted by Katherin Vasilopoulos. Proudly made by Cansulta & Ethan Lee.

Coming Soon

Season 2 of "And So, She Left" began on January 24, 2024!

Interested in being a guest?
Or, know someone who would be make a great guest?

We’re looking for entrepreneurs & changemakers to share their unique stories. 

Future Guests include:

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